vegetable tanned lifestyle products & steel furniture made in holland

The vintage gym mat, with its distinctive details, quality and minimalist design are a great source of inspiration for NAHKA leather cushions. The recognizable loops and specific seam distribution are clear properties of this. NAHKA cushions are made of vegetable tanned, full -grain leather that, with time passing, comes to life and starts to show its real patina. Our leather also carries the oh-so-important LWG label that guarantees a sustainable & responsibly produced leather quality.

A tight housing market, the global un-cluttering, tiny houses; the resulting demand for timeless and practical solutions fits perfectly with NAHKA’s vision and aesthetics: the cushions can be used in all kinds of different ways. Think of a long sofa at the dining table, a stylish headboard in your bedroom or a lovely pillow to lounge on… your creativity creates the possibility.
If you desire a specific dimension, feel free to request for a custom-made option.
Simplicity is what we love, it brings peace to any space!